What is Pivot Ship?

What if you could take your brick and mortar shipping store online?

Shipping stores offer a variety of value to their customers. They are logistical masterminds, they know all the carriers, and they can pack and ship practically anything! That’s why people love their local shipping store. Imagine how much they would love you if they could interact with you online as well as in store.

Our software adds convenience to your already established value and quality. Online forms allow for customers to get quotes from home and then drop off projects that you’ll just need to process and finalize. For your larger clients, we are working on software that can integrate right into their e-commerce platform! Once set up, you will be notified when orders are ready to be fulfilled seamlessly, saving time for both you and your customers.

Our Story

Independent shipping stores are amazing. We know. We were born out of one. 

Andrew Nyhart is both the President and Owner of Pivot Ship, as well as the President and Owner of Lind-Hart Mini Ship in Hamburg, NY. His father opened the small business center and shipping store just outside of Buffalo, NY in 1972. Many customers have been shipping at Lind-Hart since it opened, and it has become a staple in the community when folks need something packed and shipped. 

As a second-generation store owner, as well as someone who grew up in the industry, Andy saw an opportunity for his industry. As the ‘big guys’ got bigger — offering online services, giving special rates to anyone with an email address, etc. — Andy thought up Pivot Ship as a way for the mom-and-pop stores to continue to compete. He knew the passion, the experience and the customer service of the independent shipping stores was unparalleled to any of the larger shipping entities, so Pivot Ship is designed to simply take those services online. Customers still get the knowledge and care of their local store, while adding the convenience of shipping online when it fits into their busy schedules.

Our Promise

Our software solutions are designed by shipping stores, for shipping stores. So, we promise to be there every step of the way. 

Do you have a question? We’d love to help answer it.

Do you have an idea? We’d love to hear it.

Seriously. We don’t just want independent shipping stores all over the country to just succeed, we want them to THRIVE. So, whether you need to talk through a new idea, need help tweaking your Pivot Ship set up, or you just want to learn more, we’re here.